Our facilities

We are considered the best within the University Belt area in terms of training and learning facilities and equipment. As we aim to provide best service and make sure the clients get the best learning experience, we've incorporated state-of-the-art learning facilities and equipment. 

Training and assessment facilities

Our facilities are based on global standards. Our training facilities aid in the development of the skills and competencies of the clients through intensive hands-on training and seminars needed by various industries.

We've adopted modern features in our information areas. It is built to accommodate clients using high-tech equipment and ensure their safety and security.

information areas

A 20 sq. m. fully-furnished twin guestroom as a venue for housekeeping training. This also includes a linen room and laundry facilities.


Modern kitchen laboratories with a large working area and can accommodate 20+ students. These laboratories are used for Cookery NC II and Bread and Pastry Production NC II. The kitchen operations observe ServSafe procedures to ensure international culinary standards.

kitchen areas

FBS Area is equipped with facilities needed for Food and Beverage Services-related training like linen, glassware, crockery, and silverware. This area is also open to serve customers. 

bar & cafe

Our training room is equipped with audio-visual facilities and instructional materials to make sure that the students learn effectively. 


studyzone / learning center

A peaceful and quiet place for study and work. Learning Center Facilities include meeting and conference spaces, showcase kitchen and restaurant, event space,  and co-working spaces. Board games, lounge chairs, resting areas, and unlimited freebies (ice cream, coffee, juice, and wifi-up to 100 Mbps) are also available.

Hot Desks are spaces for work and study located in the common area. These spaces are perfect for those who prefer to study in big groups and those who are comfortable studying in a common space.

Hot desks

Private Suites are air-conditioned rooms designed for two people. This space is good for pairs who’d like to study privately.

private suites

Conference rooms are meeting rooms provided for a group of 8. This space is suitable for those who’d like to study in groups or conduct a meeting with colleagues. Audio and video conferences are also available.

conference room

E-Learning Studio is a single room with recording equipment. This space is perfect for podcasts, online learning, and tutorials.

e-learning studio

Best place to study and learn.