World-class Training Programs

These are world-class training programs developed based on the global standards and requirements. These training programs are used by the top hotel brands such and Marriott and Hilton and developed by the leading experts and industries such as Ecolab and CIA.

We have the right platform and content drive for job-blended learning with innovative instructional design techniques and the latest trends in multimedia production and methodology.It makes learning more effective, efficient, engaging and drive performance.

Interactive Video

Learning experience with choice-based navigation through explanatory and scenario-based videos.

Visual Choice

Challenge critical thinking skills based on real-world image examples in a choice-based lesson format.


Download, read, or print lesson content designed for reference guides, group learning, or offline workbooks.


Understand sequential steps in procedural tasks through learning linear processes.


Know what to say and how to say it through simulated conversation exercises. 


Bridge the gap between learning and practical application through complex procedural skills with simulations.

certificate courses

These are curated course collections based on the curriculum and in-demand courses from the industry. These courses are developed to provide you with the foundations and get you started in your chosen field.

Food and Beverage Service Proficient
Front Office Proficient
Bartending Essentials
Whisky Essentials
Housekeeping Proficient
Luxury Hospitality Standards Training
Leadership Foundation
Barista Training
Wine Essentials
Hospitality 101

professional certificate programs

Gain extensive knowledge and skills in your desired subject matter from the globally known industry experts and brands. These certificate programs are designed to develop your core competencies, become an ultimate service industry professional, and empower you to deliver exceptional service.

Professional Certificate in
Food & Beverage Service Management
Professional Certificate in
Front Office Management
Professional Certificate in
Information Management Training
Professional Certificate in
 Housekeeping Management
Professional Certificate in
Bar & Beverage Management
Professional Certificate in
 Hospitality Management
Professional Certificate in
Events Management
Professional Certificate in
 Hospitality Standards
CIA - Accredited Online
Culinary Training
Forbes Travel Luxury
Hospitality Training
Food Safety Foundation with
 ServSafe Certification
Spa Management Training
by Resence Spa
(Complimentary Course)
Fighting Food Waste in Hotels
(Complimentary Course)

flexible industry practicum

Training programs that provide job-relevant learning and credentials aligned with global industry requirements and standards. Prepare you to become a well-rounded hospitality professional,
fill the skills gap,and spread opportunity widely.

CIA Apprenticeship Online
Culinary Training
Flexible Industry Practicum for
Travel and Tourism Management
Flexible Industry Practicum for
Hospitality Management

why avail of our World-class Training Programs?

Get a certificate of completion from partner industries upon successful completion of the featured courses.

Familiarize with the global standards and requirements and be globally competent

Get the best training and learning experience through the courses used Top hotel brands.

Learn the secrets from the veterans with Protips

Learn the whys behind the how's in the hospitality industry